5 Causes That Are Secretly Aging Your Skin

Aging is inevitable, so it’s important to at least be cautious of the factors that can exacerbate this process in order to stall the hands of time when we can. While some causes seem more obvious than other, such as sun exposure and smoking, there are a multitude of other under-the-radar variables that can also lead to a weathered complexion.

Spraying Perfume/Cologne On Your Neck

Did you know that one of the main ingredients in perfume and cologne is alcohol? Alcohol increases your photosensitivity, which means you’re more likely to sunburn in the areas where you’ve applied the fragrance. Our necks and chests are the areas on our bodies that are most susceptible to signs of aging, so it’s best to spray your clothes with the scent in order to minimize your chances of premature aging.

Fad Diets

Juicing, the “Raw Food Diet” and the “Master Cleanse” are all examples of fad diets.   Fad diets can eliminate a beneficial food group out of the mix, which means your body isn’t getting what it entirely needs.  Your skin requires lots of nutrients, antioxidants and protein in order to age well.  Next to water, protein is the most plentiful substance in your body.

Your Pillow

Most of us have a favorite side of our body that we like to sleep on, whether it’s on the left, right, or even your stomach.  When you sleep on a particular side,  your face is continuously smashed into the pillow night after night, which can weaken the connective tissue and collagen on that certain favored side.  When it comes to combatting premature aging, it’s best to at least attempt to sleep on your back in order to keep skin smooth and symmetrical.

Gel Manicures

Gel manicures look incredible, but the process of drying the gel polish under the UV or LED nail lamps puts your hands at risk for premature aging. Both UV and LED nail lamps produce UVA rays, so the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen 20 minutes prior to UV light exposure.

Eye Makeup

It’s incredibly important to remove makeup before falling asleep each night, but it’s equally as important to be as gentle as possible when removing makeup.  Particularly when it comes removing eye makeup, the constant rubbing and scrubbing can cause the delicate skin on and around the eye to wrinkle and age.  Always use gentle rubbing motions when removing eye makeup, and stick to an oil-based eye makeup remover that will help to breakdown the product.

Common Skin Myths Debunked

When you're focused on skin health and aesthetics, it’s inevitable to run into your fair share of myths and assumptions. There are plenty of skin-related myths out there, and we feel that it’s time to shed some light on a few of those tall tales. We’ve rounded up some of the most common ones in order to debunk them once and for all.

Cellulite is directly correlated to a poor diet.

Cellulite is caused by a variety of different factors including, genetics, lifestyle, hormones and diet.  Cellulite is also more prevalent in women than men; in fact, at least 90% of all women will experience cellulite during their lifetime.  The appearance of cellulite can be reduced by regular exercise and a diet low in fat. However, even individuals that are lean and eat healthy can still experience this issue.

What you eat has no effect on your skin.

A few studies were conducted in the 70’s claiming that diet and acne have no direct correlation.  Since then, these findings have been falsified, and it’s now been determined that diets with a high-glycemic index can in fact lead to breakouts.  Acne flare-ups along the jawline can also indicate an allergy or sensitivity to dairy products.

Sunscreen/sunblock is the same thing.

Sunblock offers physical protection by sitting atop of the skin in order to provide a barrier between the skin and UVB light.  Sunscreen offers chemical protection by absorbing into the skin, providing a barrier between the skin and UVA light.  UVA and UVB light are completely different light spectrums, and the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends protection from both, which is available in sunscreens labeled as “broad-spectrum.”

You will age just like your Mom.

Genetics play an obvious and vital role within our bodies.  However, when it comes to aging, genes only a small part since so many other factors can affect our aging processes.  Smoking, sun exposure, diet and skin care regimes can all transform the composition of our skin and how well we age.  If mom looks great, be sure to follow her footsteps and limit sun exposure, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen that you can reapply throughout the day, adopt a nutritious diet, acquire a simple yet effective skin care regime and don’t smoke.

Why Men Should Adopt a Skincare Routine

At one point in time, we've all seen a man somehow able to complete his morning/evening regime with a 3- in-one product.  Judgment and exasperated sighs aside, you can’t blame the poor guy.  It wasn’t until recently that the men’s skincare industry evolved beyond its usual, simple bar of soap. It’s important for men, just as women, to adopt a proper skincare routine in order to ensure aging more gracefully and preventing stubborn breakouts. We’ve rounded up some product concepts that we think are essential in perfecting the perfect men’s skincare routine.

An oil based cleanser/gentle cleanser:

Because men tend to have thicker and oilier skin than women, they need a cleanser that removes oil and sweat without drying out the face.  An oil-based cleanser is ideal for oily skin because it doesn't entirely strip the skin of its natural oils.  For men with dryer skin, a more gentle and fragrance-free cleanser would be appropriate as well. You should also wash your face every evening in order to remove the sweat and dirt that’s accumulated throughout the day.

A moisturizer with SPF:

Shaving can take a toll on your skin, especially for men that shave their faces on a daily basis.  By adding a moisturizer into the routine, men can ease dryness and irritation that is often associated with shaving. A moisturizer containing SPF is even better if you can manage, as it will protect your face throughout the day while helping in the anti-aging process, as well as in helping to prevent sun damage.

An exfoliating scrub: 

Shaving is already exfoliating, but additionally you should exfoliate everywhere else once a week. Exfoliating scrubs will help to eliminate dead skin and dirt, which will unclog pores and prevent breakouts.

Retinol and eye cream:

Retinol contains Vitamin A, which is incredibly necessary when it comes to aging gracefully, George Clooney style.  However, Retinol can be very drying, (it started out as a means to treat acne) so be wary if your skin starts to flake.  Eye cream will assist with dark circles, the appearance of crow’s feet and overall puffiness in the eye area. 


Plastic Surgery Centers V. Med Spas

           In this day and age med spas have become increasingly more popular and have developed a greater presence in the world of aesthetics. Unfortunately, the cosmetic industry has become more convoluted with falsified advertising and misleading promises as a result of the ever-growing trend of Botox and fillers. However, board certified plastic surgery centers have consistently remained just as qualified throughout.
            There are significant differences between plastic surgery centers and medical spa doctors. One of the obvious distinctions being that a plastic surgeon that is board certified has been required to go through extensive training and rigorous exams in order to be the most knowledgeable that they can be in the field of medicine. 
            It is also not uncommon for the doctor overseeing the med spa to come from an entirely irrelevant background. While there is a requirement is to be board certified, the certification could technically be in an unrelated field.  You always want to check to see if the doctor’s experience is first relevant. 
Additionally, med spas are not held to the same standard as a free standing accredited medical or surgical facility. There are different safety standards that don’t necessarily measure up to a more credentialed medical facility or doctor’s office.

Everything To Know For Your Initial Consultation

Consultations are one of the most essential steps in determining the right procedure for you, and that’s why it’s imperative to know exactly what to expect when going into one. The Spa at The SHAW Center offers complimentary consultations because we understand the importance of assessing your individual needs and tailoring to those. 

Things To Bring
Typically, you’ll want to either know your medical history off hand or even preferably have it with you. This usually includes any medical problems that might run in your immediate family, known allergies and reactions, as well as previous surgeries or procedures you’ve had. You’ll also want to make sure you bring all of your medications, including vitamins and supplements.

Questions To Ask
Come prepared with all of your concerns, such as possible risks, preparations, downtime and post treatment.  This is also an ideal opportunity to learn more about your doctor’s qualifications. Dr. Shaw is especially experienced as a double-boarded Plastic Surgeon, which required 7 years of surgical training alone. 

Financial Plan
Make sure you ask about the available finance options during your consultation. Choosing your surgeon should not be based entirely on price; however, it’s smart to stay away from someone whose fees are way lower than the average. A good rule of thumb in avoiding financial troubles is to have available funds twice as much as the actual cost of the procedure.

Get A Leg Up With Lasers

Laser and light-based treatments have become increasingly more popular over the years as a solution to many different aesthetic goals. Laser therapy beams highly concentrated light into the desired area of treatment or problem area in order to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, skin pigmentation and even hair! Not only can laser treatments be quick and effective, but they also require little to no downtime and are performed non-invasively.  The Spa at The SHAW Center offers a variety of different laser treatment options depending on what you’re choosing to eliminate.

Laser Skin Resurfacing
Laser Skin Resurfacing, or a PicoFacial, helps to eliminate wrinkles, as well as restores your skin to a more youthful state. Laser resurfacing can rejuvenate your skin by removing the outermost layers, as well as firming the underlying collagen. All in all, it can help to target age spots, sun damage, scarring and fine lines.

Laser Hair Removal
Say goodbye to the annoying task of having to shave regularly with laser hair removal at The SHAW Center. Unwanted body hair is never okay, and that’s why we offer a solution to rid your physique of it and render you stubble-free.  Our lasers aim a concentrated beam of light at the area of hair, and by doing so the hair follicle absorbs the light, damaging the follicle enough to stop growth.

Laser Tattoo Removal
The Spa at The SHAW Center also offers the gold standard in laser tattoo removal with the PicoSure laser.  This revolutionary system can erase or change tattoos and pigments with greater clearance and 50% fewer treatments than any other tattoo removal laser. The PicoSure laser also targets difficult ink colors, such as blues and greens.

Give Adult Acne The Boot

Let’s face it. There’s nothing more frustrating than unpredictable breakouts and adult acne. Not only do adult women have to worry about fending off wrinkles, but battling zits can also be another annoying day-to-day battle. Certain factors, such as stress, hormones and diet can all attribute to acne resurfacing. However, there are ways to combat this and return your complexion back to a relatively clear state.

Bye, Bye Blemishes
Part of adult acne’s game is the unwanted blemishes they can leave behind. Scarring is not uncommon post breakout, especially when you exacerbate the problem by picking.  However, chemical peels can help to rid your skin of hyperpigmentation and acne. Our spa offers a variety of different chemical peels, such as customized ones from Skin Media, as well as a PCA peel.
The Spa at The SHAW Center also offers FotoFacials, or PicoFacials, which employ an intense pulsed light in combination with radio frequency to effectively treat irregular skin pigmentation and discoloring.

You Are What You Eat
Diet can be a huge contributing factor to adult breakouts. It’s important to be starch conscious by avoiding high-glycemic-index carbohydrates, such as white bread and sugar-laden foods. It’s smart to balance your diet by incorporating whole grains and veggies into your diet that won’t aggravate acne.

Master Your Make-Up
Makeup is intended to mask skin issues, but when used incorrectly it can actually enhance the underlying problem. Opt for a matte or oil-free concealer, so as not to draw attention to your already shiny skin. Remember that light shades magnify and dark ones recede, so never put too much light concealer or highlighter onto raised bumps. Also, always remember to remove your makeup before you call it a night or head to the gym.

Save Your Skin This Summer Season

As Summer quickly approaches, our skin can begin to suffer some serious side effects from the Arizona sun. It's more necessary than ever to protect our complexions from the harsh rays that can eventually lead to sun spots, overall sun damage to our skin, and even worse... skin cancer. It's essential to take preventative measures in our day-to-day routines, and we can do so by adopting even the smallest of changes into our beauty regime, such as wearing makeup that employs an SPF or applying sunscreen daily.  Below are some more ways you can protect your skin from the Summer sun this go around!

Cover Up
One of the more obvious ways to guard your complexion from intense sun damage is to simply cover up.  The sun’s rays are most aggressive between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so staying indoors between these hours is recommended. However, we understand that this is not always realistic, so throwing on a floppy hat or wearing woven materials and dark fabrics can actually help to protect you during this time as well.

Spoil Your Skin
Make sure to spread on the SPF generously these next few months and that you’re using an SPF 15 or higher. There are quite a few skincare products that The Spa at The SHAW Center carries as well that can work as armor against the sun. Revision Skincare's Intellishade, which we sell at our Spa, works as a tinted anti-aging moisturizer and also employs UVA and UVB protection.  The Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 is another amazing product by ZO Skin Health, which is a line we also know and trust here at The SHAW Center. 

Remember It All
So often we forget to protect sensitive spots, such as our hairlines, chests, noses and hands. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that 80 percent of skin cancers occur on our necks, hands and heads. Remind yourself to be weary of the areas we wouldn’t necessarily think of first, and always, always use sunscreen on these spots!

SculpSure v. CoolSculpting

The Spa at The SHAW Center offers both CoolSculpting and now SculpSure. With two CoolSculpting machines (DualSculpting) and the SculpSure, which has four separate panels, we can now treat as many as 6 areas in just on hour! These non-surgical liposuction treatments are a total game changer and help to target fat in even the most stubborn areas. While these two fat reduction alternatives are both extremely effective, it is important to know the difference between the two.

Treatment Time
CoolSculpting takes one hour or more per applicator, often requiring four hours to treat the entire adbodem, while SculpSure takes only 25 minutes for up to four applicators.

Both procedures are virtually painless. SculpSure utilizes a flat non-suction applicator with a cooling plate that is easily tolerated. CoolSculpting uses suction based applicators and the post procedure massage can be quite uncomfortable.

The desired results from both of these procedures can be quite fulfilling. However, they both produce different timelines for when one might see these results. SculpSure can reduce up to 25% of fat pockets and usually takes anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months for optimal results. CoolSculpting will show signs of permanent fat reduction of around 22% in 2-4 months.

Treatable Areas
CoolSculpting’s treatable areas are limited based on the applicator design, whereas SculpSure can target the abdomen and love handles, as well as a multitude of other areas, such as under the chin, arms and thighs because of the applicator’s flexibility.

If you haven't already signed up for The Spa at The SHAW Center's SculpSure event this Tuesday, May 17th from 5 to 7 pm, call our office at (480)767-1900 to see if we still have a spot for you! We will have a real life SculpSure demo, complimentary consults, special event pricing, giveaways, as well as beverages and bites. You won't want to miss out!

Prep Smart For Your Next Injection

Fillers have become increasingly popular as an option to either enhance your features, such as lips, or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse are all hyaluronic acid fillers available at The Spa at The SHAW Center. They provide instant results and can effectively help you to achieve your aesthetic goals with little to no downtime. Preparing for injections can be just as important as the actual procedure, and these suggestions will allow you an even more seamless service.

Plan Accordingly
Make sure you properly hydrate since hyaluronic acid binds to water. The more hydrated you are, the better you will look overall.
Avoid taking ibuprofen or aspirin before the procedure and up to 36 hours after.
If you work out on a regular basis, you may want to make sure you do so beforehand. It’s not uncommon for additional swelling to occur as a result of strenuous physical activity. Typically 24 hours is an ideal waiting period before engaging in exercise again.

Give Bruising The Boot
Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple juice that can be used for medicinal purposes. It is most commonly used as an anti-inflammatory, as it helps to reduce swelling after surgery or an injury.
The flower of arnica is also used as a medicine to help reduce pain and swelling associated with bruises and aches.  This supplement will quickly become your new BFF when used both before and after your injections.
Adding leafy greens to your diet have also been known to reduce the possibility of bruising, as they are rich in Vitamin K.
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