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The labia minora are the “inner lips” that cover the female vaginal opening and clitoris. A large population of women can have excessively large labia minora as a result of pure genetics or frequently from the trauma of giving birth. Regardless of the cause, women can often experience a tremendous amount of discomfort combined with even pain during intercourse. Normal clothes such as panties and tight jeans become uncomfortable and can affect ones activities of daily living. Additionally, overly large labia minora can affect one’s self esteem and self confidence because the condition can be viewed as unattractive during intimate settings.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation
What is labiaplasty and who are good candidates?
Labiaplasty is becoming an increasingly popular surgical procedure that is designed to remove the excess skin and can be a wonderful procedure for rejuvenating the vaginal area. Dr. Shaw uses an advanced technique originally described by Dr. Gary Alter. This procedure utilizes a central wedge technique which preserves important anatomical features and sensation. Dr. Shaw also addresses excess tissue which is also often present on either side of the clitoral hood. Older techniques that involve merely trimming the excess labia can lead to abnormal anatomy, scarring and pain. This technique should be avoided.
Good candidates include those women who are self conscious or experience any discomfort from excessively large labia minora. Fully developed young women and adult women who are in good health make the most appropriate candidates. Consult Dr. Shaw for more details.

Where is the surgery performed?

Labiaplasty is usually performed under a light general anesthesia in an outpatient surgery center. The procedure typically takes one to two hours, depending on the complexity and recovery is about two weeks. Any discomfort is easily managed with oral pain medication. All stitches are dissolvable, and there are no dressings. Normal activities may be resumed within a week and sexual intercourse usually by four to six weeks. Complete post operative care will be discussed with you.

What should I expect during a labiaplasty consultation?

First and foremost, you can expect complete confidentiality. We realize that this is a private and sensitive subject and Dr. Shaw and his staff is committed to your privacy. During the consultation, Dr. Shaw will go over a complete medical history and take the time to understand your goals and expectations. Dr. Shaw and his staff will discuss reasonable and expected outcomes and work with you to explain the details of the procedure along with recovery, risks, costs and financing options.

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